Simple Tech-Skills: How To Install FaceTime For Windows PC


The world is today awash with communication applications. You may, however, be endeared to just a couple of them because your friends and family prefer them as well. Allegiance to an app like FaceTime can be as a result of its user-friendly features or the reliability aspects that you attach to its functionalities. How Do You Install FaceTime For Windows PC? FaceTime was originally intended to work with iOS, and this ideally means that it can only run on Apple products. It doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t find a way to install it and use it on a Windows PC.


22chjghjgYou can’t, however, install FaceTime on just any PC. For starters, the Windows has to be a higher version of XP, Windows 7, 8 or Vista. The computer should have no less than 2GB RAM with a 1Ghz capacity processing unit. Being a video chat application, a webcam, a microphone, and earphones or inbuilt speakers are necessary. Your internet speed shouldn’t be below 512 kbps.


With the requirements in place, you can move to the practical bit and initiate the installation process by downloading an iOS emulator. This is where the trick lies. Emulators such as Ipadian trick the application into thinking that it’s dealing with an iOS framework irrespective of the operating system that you may be using. Proceed by downloading FaceTime which will come with the Apk file from where you can select and click on the install button.

The amount of time required for the installation process depends on internet speed. Once the download is done, the application will appear on your menu. You may need to restart your computer after the installation in some cases. After which you can click on the FaceTime app icon and start connecting with family and friends across the world.

The blue stacks option

33kwhruowrThe second alternative involves the use Bluestacks which is also an app emulator. Start by downloading the emulator using the link that leads to the latest version as this enables you to enjoy some additional features. Initiate the installer upon finishing the download process. The download progression usually takes less than a minute. You can then launch the Bluestacks and use the search bar to locate FaceTime since you can use it to download and install an array of other applications that don’t ordinarily run on Windows.

If you have been wondering how you do install FaceTime for PC or how people who don’t own Apple products use the app, now you also know how to go about it. You will, however, need an Apple ID to successfully use most of the Apple apps whether you’re using an app emulator or not. However, this shouldn’t be an impediment since you can always log into apple.com and set up an ID for free. The ID performs some functions as it’s the identity through which Apple can send you notifications about the app’s new developments. You also need it as the point of reference for your communication connections, meaning that your friends can’t locate you while on FaceTime without the help of an ID. With it, you can transcend the barrier created by device incompatibility issues and communicate to your friends or relatives irrespective of the OS on your device.