Considerations to make when buying LED light bar

The LED light bar is increasingly becoming popular because the incandescent quickly burn out. The LED bars have an incredible lifespan which is averaged to be more than ten years. They not only have a long lifespan but are also cost effective. Since there are many types of the LED light bars, it is important to carefully consider the available options before choosing one that is ideal. The Rough Country 30-Inch is one of the best LED light bar. This write-up explores the considerations to make when buying the LED light bar.


Lumens and not watts


Because of our familiarity with the incandescent, many people when purchasing LED bars to look for the watts and not lumens. We are fixated to the watts because they are what tell us how bright the bulb will be. The brightness of the LEDs is however determined differently from the ordinary bulbs. Wattage is not an indication of brightness as most of us have been made to believe but a measurement of the amount of energy that the bulb will draw. For the incandescent, there is a correlation between the brightness and the watts drawn. This is however not the case with the LEDs.

The right color choice

Most of us are used to the incandescent which just provide a warm yellowish color, unlike the LEDs which is available in a wide range of colors. The LED light bars have the capability of displaying different color range from red to purple and a spectrum of yellows and whites. For the headlights it is ideal to choose the white color, the other colors can be used for different parts of the car. The traditional colors available are the bright white, soft white, and the warm white.


It is important to note that the LED light bars are more costly than the regular bulbs. You can visualize the LED bulbs to the hybrid cars which are inexpensive to operate but are costly to obtain. When you switch from the incandescent, do not think about saving cash at the moment but think of it as an investment. The competition by various suppliers of the LED light bars has made them a little bit affordable as compared to the past.

Non-dimmable LEDS


Be on the lookout for the non-dimmable LEDs. The LED light bars are not always compatible with the traditional dimming switches because of their circuitry. There are some cases which usually call for the switches to be replaced. Most of the dimmers work by cutting the electricity supply that is supplied to the bulb. The dim light is usually as a result of less power that is drawn. When choosing the LED light bars to ensure that you avoid the non-dimmable LEDs.