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Does Your Pillow Match your Sleeping Position?

Sleeping with the right pillow is more important and comforting as it supports delicate body structures comprising of your head, neck, spine, hips, and shoulders. When properly utilized, pillows alleviate common neck and back pain. This includes pain in the hip, shoulders, and joints. Pillows ensure that the upper part of your body remains aligned during your sleep. This relieves pressure as it counterbalances the entire body. Your pillow should be capable of aligning in a way that fits your body curves, shape and sleeping position.

Support from Pillows Great for Those with Spine Problems

woman with spine problemAre you experiencing spinal complications? If so, it is imperative that you receive the right support for a comfortable spinal rest. Having an adequate sleep is restorative as the body gets the opportunity to heal from physical, postural and nervous challenges. Pillow filings have varying levels of support. Majority of those with feather pillows experience little structural support when compared with the pillows containing firmer materials.

A recently conducted research shows three types of pillows; the roll-shaped orthopedic pillows containing polypropylene capsules, goose-down pillows, and contour-shaped polyurethane foam pillow. It’s important to take time and try out the pillow you are buying if it meets your comfort. It takes a week to determine whether the pillow is beneficial to your body or not.


Pillow When Sleeping on Your Back

When resting on your back, any pillow used must be able to support the natural body curvature of the cervical spine. When the neck, head, and shoulders are given enough support, the pillow height becomes lower than those for side sleepers. Placing more pillows beneath your knees alleviate cases of back strain. The pillows flatten your lumbar curve easing pressure on the facet joints on the back of your spinal column. This remains the best position for those experiencing backrest. Many find this as the only way they can sleep after experiencing severe back pain and recover from your spinal injuries.

Align Pillow Height with Body Size and Sleeping Position

casper pillow reviewThe human neck makes a slight forward curve sustaining your head weight when set in an upright position. When resting, try your best to maintain this position. If your pillow seems too high as you sleep sideways or on your back, your neck experiences an abnormal bend that results in muscle strains on the shoulders and neck. This position results in a small air pie, obstructing breathing resulting in snoring. All these factors will hinder sound sleeping. Alternatively, if you’re a side sleeper, then you need to invest in one of the best pillow for side sleepers which can dramatically enhance and do away with obstruction when sleeping on your side.

Your personal preferences and body size dramatically influences the pillow size of choice. Usually, your pillow size must maintain 4 to 6 inches of head weight, alongside your shoulders and neck. It should also support the individual when they lie on their back. Studies done on the comfort provided by foam pillows show that a 4-inch pillow height offers the best spinal alignment resulting in maximum comfort and muscle activity. When choosing a suitable pillow, your sleeping position is essential. Most pillows on retail are labeled for various sleeping positions. Further details provided by the store owners is the Importance of a good quality pillow for avoiding neck and back pain.…